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It is a traditional Mandi dish consisting of meat and rice originating from Yemen and the Middle East, but it is now eaten throughout Asia including Pakistan and India. The traditional recipe is prepared from lamb and to enhance its flavor it is preferred to use Mandi spices. Sometimes Mandi is also prepared using chicken, but the traditional Mandi dish consists of lamb or lamb prepared in a very special underground tandoor called tabun. Raisins, almonds, cashew nuts and nuts are also added for garnish.

الطاقة 251 سعرة حراريّة
البروتينات 10.39 غرام
الدهون 3.26 غرام
الكربوهيدرات 63.95 غرام
الألياف 25.3 غرام
الحديد 9.71 ملليغرام
الفسفور 158 ملليغرام
البوتاسيوم 1329 ملليغرام
الصوديوم 20 ملليغرام
كولسترول 0 mg

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