How We Work

Behind our creativity and success in our age, careful and coordinated work, for the sake of your taste of the sweetness of the result of success with us, stages of hard-working, and each stage is an integral part of that result, we give it all our attention to the smallest details.

Production Process

Seed and Crop

We are very well aware that the quality of the seeds of the product is the first step in the way of our distinction, so we have paid great attention to seeds and crops to offer you the finest that the earth brings out, as every country has a crop that is famous for its cultivation and export. Sana Food Group is Take care to import the best crops for each country.

Purification of impurities

Impurities are an integral part of any agricultural crop, and here lies the importance of the purification stage.
Where the Sana Food Group works to purify and separate the impurities from the raw material through sorting machines to go clean to the third stage.


The production process has a great impact on showing the distinctive taste of any material and in the Sana Food Group, it produces the materials using the best custom machines to add to your tables the most distinct flavors.


In this stage, the products are wrapped under the highest levels of hygiene and sterilization in many forms and weights, the latest machines are also used in this process to ensure the quality of the final product.


After completing the packaging process, the products are packed in cartons and transported to the main warehouse, according to its terms, to the highest health standards for preserving food products.

Our Vision

We seek to achieve leadership in the field of food production by applying comprehensive quality standards through an effective, distinguished and creative environment to reach customer satisfaction.

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